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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Woooeeee! I've been SO busy these last couple of months. I have to apologize for such a long absence from my blog. There have been many times when I longingly wished I had time to do an updated post but I seriously have been totally swamped. There are a backlog of posts I need to catch up on and they'll be a bit out of order in the space-time continuum, but you should be treated to at least two or three fresh entries over the next week or so.

Tonight I'm going to talk about the latest news first and then blog about the earlier stuff another time. Let me tell you about why I've been away for so long...

Yes folks, that's It's a brand new business Jeff and I started together and have been working on feverishly to get off the ground. In the past two months, we've crafted a whole business from scratch. We spent many, many hours designing logos, product display cards, artist statements, and of course products!

This is what is all about:

1" pinback buttons!

Yep. Buttons. One night I had this epiphany: I was going to make pinback buttons! These buttons would be fun and funky. These would be little pieces of affordable portable art. I came up with three kinds: "Fabulous Fibres" which are a huge variety of luscious fabrics. Next are "Limited Edition" where they are limited run prints of original art that are individually numbered on the side. Finally there would be the "Artistic Originals" which are one-of-a-kind hand-created pieces ranging from watercolour to collage.

Above are the Fabulous Fibres. Here are a few of the Limited Editions:

The horse head and unicorn are two of mine, the robots are Jeff's and the funky chickens and houses are by my good friend Sandra Tournemille.

Here are a few Artistic Originals:

And here is the finished presentation:

Jeff and I were in a race to not only create a business and products from scratch, but also build display stands, signage and a myriad of other stuff for our presence at a local Christmas craft sale. It was our very first show and we had only two months to prepare. To ease the suspense I'll let you know right away that we made it! But I'll chat more about that in another blog entry.

So that's the big news. More to come!



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