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Friday, January 05, 2007

Art in a Button

I thought I'd share some of the artwork I've done so far for a few of the buttons Jeff and I created for our little art biz ""

Here are a couple of collage pieces:

I asked Jeff to paint some random freeform strokes in watercolour which I then composed and cut through the window of the circle cutter. Next, I selected and carefully placed a couple tiny fern-like leaves onto the little watercolour discs. Finally, I carefully assembled all the button components and pressed them together with the button press. Voila! No two are alike.

Here are a couple other one-of-a-kind collage buttons I created:

The first one is an assembly using scrapbooking accessories. It's a fun little piece. The button on the right is a section of dried leaf from the Forest Pansy Redbud tree. I love the colours and the veining on this one.

The other buttons I pressed are what I call "Fabulous Fibres". Here are a couple examples of these:

I created lots of different variations using dozens of different fabrics. I had a blast in the fabric store carefully examining each bolt of cloth to imagine if it would look great as a 1" button. I have one of these on my work pass and another on my canvas lunch bag. They make such great little accessories!