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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gone to Seed

A couple weeks ago I was outside in my front yard and I discovered that the African Daisies I'd planted in my hanging baskets had lots of little seeds in the spent and dry flowerheads. I thought, "hey, why don't I harvest these seeds, create little packets for them and give them as gifts to my friends for planting next year?" So I took a couple digital shots of the flowers still growing, did some photo-manipulation in Photoshop and voila! Seed packet imagery. I then printed several copies out and assembled them into the finished packets. It was a fun and quick little project.

And my 2006 Daisies will have their second-coming through their seeds in 2007. :)


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Illustration Friday Participant Wannabe

As one of my ongoing creative forays, I'd decided that it would be cool if I did some illustration attempts based on the weekly Illustration Friday themes. Well so far that hasn't gone much beyond the "great idea" stage. Spare time seems to always be at such a premium for me. So I got as far as the concept for my idea, but never got around to finishing the illustration. Before I knew it the week themed "Capture" had come and gone. Regardless of the timeliness issue, I thought I'd post my early scribbles. Who knows...perhaps I'll get a chance to finish this illustration sometime in the near future.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello World

Greetings! My name is Kay and I am an “incurable creative”.

My creative urges seem to take many forms. I guess you could also call me a “creative generalist” where I have some mediums of expression that I favour more than others, but have fun experimenting with lots of different stuff and have an unending desire to be creative in almost everything I do.

So I thought to myself; why not go ahead and create a blog that casually documents the myriad ways I express creativity? It’s a way to share and a way to motivate myself to actively pursue fun forms of self-expression. It's almost a malady...if I’m not being creative, I tend not to feel particularly vigorous.

These days, I pursue a career as a 3D computer graphics artist. I work for a large video game company and my area of expertise is CG environments and lighting. It’s a field that holds both creative and technical challenges. Outside of my career though, I feel the need to further explore. I always crave variety. So I’ve recently branched out into things such as pottery, glasswork and sculpture. I even have the urge to try my hand at illustration. And you, dear friends, who happen to stop by to take a peek now and then, will get a chance to check it all out.

So here’s my first contribution. It’s a figurative illustration titled, “Welcome to My Blog”.

Stay tuned!